Intelight 170 Smart Card


  • 170 SMARTCARD provides an easy upgrade of most Model 170 controllers to the power of the Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC-2070).
  • Standards-compliant 2070 ATC Engine Board and a host interface card (developed by Zwiesler Resources, Inc.) for the 170 CPU slot
  • Allows the latest 2070-ATC applications to run on most 170 controllers.
  • Front mounted Ethernet connection, optional NTCIP capability and full control and interface of the 170’s I/O functions through 4 serial ports. T
  • raffic application software is available through Intelight and other ATC software vendors.


  • 32-bit Motorola processor with 25 MHz clock
  • 8 MB DRAM
  • Real Time Clock (“battery-backed” calendar/clock)

Front Mounted Ethernet Connection

  • 10 Base T Ethernet Controller
  • Full-featured TCP/IP network stack

Field Communication Interface

  • Asynchronous serial interface gives CPU access to 170 I/O ports
  • Simplified field I/O message protocol
  • 38,400 bps port speed with 1 ms message response time

Applications Software Options

  • NTCIP Standards based communications agent
  • ASC Traffic Control Applications
  • Field Interface messaging protocol software library available

Product Info Sheet